Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lady Gaga gets her man, elbowing aside starlet Alex Stebbins

When Lady Gaga went back to her old boyfriend Luc Carl, he dumped starlet Alex Stebbins, after they'd been together a year. The N.Y. Post had a jilted-victim piece on her. Gaga started prowling around Carl, a drummer and bartender, about three months into the Luc-Alex couplehood, Alex recounts. "I had the one thing she couldn't have, and that made her want it more. "Luc ignored her. He said he was done with her. All they did was fight. She'd pick at him for anything, and he couldn't take it." But Alex found that Gaga -born Stefani Germanotta -"would stop at nothing to get him back," and eventually she got him. "She's the most powerful woman in the world," Stebbins said. So "there's no winning."

She's 21. Carl is 29. Gaga's 24.

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